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Getting Ready for Pesach

How many of you have ever forgotten a birthday or an anniversary? 
There’s an app for that.
Most phones these days will remember your loved ones’ birthdays and anniversaries and remind you to say happy birthday. You can even ask for a reminder a week in advance, giving yourself time to write a card or buy a gift.
This Shabbat, Shabbat HaHodesh, is the equivalent of that email reminding you that you have a meeting.
FYI: the meeting is in two weeks, and you’ll need plenty of apples, nuts and wine.
Yes, Shabbat HaHodesh reminds us that we need to get ready for Pesach, but as Reform Jews we may not be as concerned with the Pesach halacha – the laws surrounding Pesach – as we should be about other things.
Most of us are not getting out the second set of dishes and kashering the oven. Instead, we begin a different type of preparation. Well, we do IF we get the reminder. And since tonight is the start of the month of Nisan, the alarm has just gone off.
That is not to say that we are not also cleani…